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EditorialNews Flash: WWE Actually Isn't Completely Terrible

News Flash: WWE Actually Isn’t Completely Terrible

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Do me a favor. Stop reading this right now and go look at the featured articles section on the front page. It’s cool. I’ll wait. Did you do it? Then you probably saw what I see. A bunch of articles bitching about the current state of WWE. Of course that’s nothing new, the IWC loves to find something to bitch about while conveniently turning a blind eye to the good things happening. Oh hey, imagine that! That’s what this article is about. I’m taking a break from intentionally trying to piss people off to look at the positive things about WWE. So here they are. Or something.

The Women’s Division: What’s that? You generally get up to go take a piss when there’s a women’s match? Maybe you should hold it for a while. Sure, the cast of Total Divas is heavily featured, but that’s to be expected. After all, they have a crappy reality show to promote. But if you look past all of the non-talent you’ll see that there’s actually some talented female workers on the roster. Paige and AJ obviously lead the pack in terms of on screen time, but Alica Fox and Natalya are great workers, too. And beyond that, there’s a damn good crop of talent down in NXT. If they do things right, they could have a women’s division that rivals that of the one dominated by Trish and Lita. Maybe you should save your piss break for the next crappy tag team match.

NXT: I’ve already mentioned the divas, but the overall talent pool is getting deeper and deeper. Big news was just made by signing KENTA, and that will only add to the impressive shows that they’ve been putting out. Other big indy names like Pac and El Generico have made NXT the brand to watch for some, and with good reason. It’s been the best thing going for a while.

The Artists Formerly Known as The Shield: Everyone has known for a while that these three guys are the future, and they’re all finally on their own ready for their first big singles push. Rollins is coming into his own on the mic and has really started to turn into that arrogant douche that you just want to see get his ass kicked. Ambrose might be the second coming of Brian Pillman, and has somehow turned a “psycho” character into a sympathetic babyface, all while still being the titty master. And Roman Reigns, for all of the people who claim that he only has three big moves (You’re as blind as Anne fucking Frank if you believe that) has that “it” factor that everyone always talks about. These guys are going to be the backbone of this company for the next decade, and not one of them is anything like the top stars of the Cena generation. Definitely a cause to celebrate, if you ask me.

The Wyatts: Sure, the act has gotten a bit stale lately, but these guys are still money. Harper and Rowan are two exceptional big men, and could be an anchor in the tag division if given credible opponents. Their work with the Usos has been damn good, and I have no reason to believe they can’t do the same with any other team. As for Bray, as repetitive as he’s been lately, I still have no doubt that he’s got the potential to be his generation’s Undertaker. Time will tell, I guess.

WWE Crowds: I feel like the live audience is overlooked a lot in terms of how people at home react to what they’re watching. A good example is the Jack Swagger/Russev feud. Three weeks ago, NOBODY gave a damn about Swagger. But as soon as he came out against the Russians the place exploded and people (at least in my circle) started to care about him. WWE’s live crowd has been pretty hot lately, and the shows have just seemed that much better for it. It makes sense to me, why should the average fan give a fuck about what’s going on in the ring when the crowd is chanting for Punk or JBL? I don’t know if the writing has been better, or people are just getting more into what they’re seeing or both, but the live audience (to me, at least) definitely adds to the experience of watching.

Bo Dallas: I couldn’t stand him for a while, but the guy’s really grown on me. His over the top “good guy” persona is the perfect parody (intentional or not) of John Cena. It’s become entertaining to tune in to hope he gets his ass kicked for being such a smarmasaurus. I like what they’re doing with the guy and I hope that his character is allowed to evolve. 

There’s probably more that I didn’t touch on, and some of it might be me pointing out the obvious. But these are the ones that jumped out off the top of my head. Not all wrestling is bad, as the front page would have you believe. If you agree/disagree, go ahead and leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter (@thatjoshpresle) or something. I probably won’t reply to you, because I really don’t give a damn either way. I’m just tired of seeing all the negativity on this site. 

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