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EditorialPredictions for Slammiversary XV

Predictions for Slammiversary XV



The time has come. For the first time since January, Impact Wrestling will be live on PPV for the 15th Anniversary of Slammiversary. 2017 has been a topsy turvy year for the promotion, complete with new management and a lot of roster turnover. But as the ground stopped shaking and they were able to regain their footing, Impact Wrestling has gotten themselves lined up for what promises to be an entertaining PPV event.

Now before I get into predicting the matches, there is confirmation of several people that will be on hand for Slammiversary, including King Mo, who will be in the corner of Lashley, Dos Caras, who will be in the corner of his son Alberto. Also, race car drivers Hermie Sadler and Austin Dillon will be on hand. Sadler is no stranger to TNA back in the day and more recently with GFW. The mayor of Orlando, Buddy Dyer, will be there. It will be his first time ever attending. ESPN has been covering Slammiversary this week, and not just DeAngelo Williams, but also Lashley and Del Rio. Needless to say, this is a big final week for Impact Wrestling. Ok, let’s get to the predictions.

Tag Team Title Match: LAX (c) vs El Hijo del Fantasma & Drago vs Garza Jr & Laredo Kid vs Marufuji & Ishimori

I only know LAX and Garza Jr & Laredo Kid in this match. But seeing comments regarding the other teams in this match, I think we’re in store for something special. The new LAX has been very impressive and they are a good team. And of course, you can never go wrong with Laredo Kid and Garza Jr. Add the tag team from AAA and the tag team from NOAH and it should be a lot of fun with some high-paced action. In the end, I see LAX keeping the titles. They have the Konnan and Diamante advantage.

Winners: LAX

Tag Team Match: Chris Adonis & Eli Drake vs Moose & DeAngelo Williams

Predictable. Predictable. Predictable. It is unfortunate that one of the company’s top talents, Eli Drake, is stuck in this match. Either way, this will serve one purpose. Show DeAngelo Williams in the ring so they get some media buzz, and make Moose look strong. Hopefully, Eli Drake is not the won that takes the pin from DeAngelo Williams in this one.

Winners: Moose & DeAngelo Williams

X Division Title Match: Two Out Of Three Falls: Sonjay Dutt (c) vs Low Ki

This match has the potential to be the match of the night. The feud has been build nicely. Low Ki returned and just put the X Division on notice, injuring Sonjay in a multi-man match enroute to winning the title. Sonjay got his first ever X Division Title win in India a few weeks ago. They’ve been working a great program and have awesome chemistry in the ring. This one is pretty hard to predict, but I’m going to say Low Ki wins the title back simply because they’re not in India anymore. He got a great reaction over there but back in Orlando, Low Ki is very over and I think he’ll use some underhanded tactics to pull off the win.

Winner: New X Division Champ – Low Ki

Tag Team Match: Jeremy Borash & Joseph Park vs Josh Matthews & Scott Steiner

Well, the time has come. I was never looking forward to this match, but one thing is for certain, Impact definitely invested time into this feud. I’m hoping Joseph Park becomes old Abyss for this one. That will add some intrigue. I don’t know if there are any ramifications to this match but unless Scott Steiner turns on Josh, which is very possible, I don’t see him losing.

Winner: Scott Steiner & Josh Matthews

Inter-Gender Full Metal Mayhem Match: Davey Richards & Angelina Love vs Eddie Edwards & Alisha

Under normal circumstances, Eddie Edwards vs Davey Richards could be a special match. The build for this was very curious as they’ve had a couple of lackluster matches which ended in crazy brawls and the wives got involved and so on. The entire trip in India, they were added to these weird Sony Six Invitiational Matches where they would eliminate themselves right away and brawl. Very little time was given to them to build toward this match. It could be vicious because it’s essentially a TLC match, but they haven’t really given us much reason to care about this. I’ll go with Eddie Edwards and Alisha for the win, since Davey Richards and Angelina have come out on top in most of their interactions throughout.

Winners: Eddie Edwards and Alisha

Knockouts/GFW Championship Unification Match: Rosemary (c) vs Sienna

This is another match I’m looking forward to, because it involves three of my top five women wrestlers. Yes, I said three because while this is a Rosemary vs Sienna match, surely Laurel Van Ness and Allie will be involved, as will KM, Braxton Sutter, Kongo Kong and probably Shera. I will have tears at the end of this because I’m predicting Sienna wins the Knockouts Title unification. Hopefully, we get some sort of extra bonus in this and Allie begins to “Decay” and starts to make a turn to becoming dark. This won’t end the feud. Not by a long shot.

Winner: New Knockouts/GFW Champion – Sienna

Strap Match: EC3 vs James Storm

Since Bruce Prichard told EC3 to find himself, he made the heel turn. It was executed poorly and every moment after has become more and more abysmal. It’s a bad heel run and it’s not even close to his best work. However, the vicious lashing he gave to James Storm a couple of months ago set the table for this strap match. The name value for this match is great. It’s EC3 versus James Storm. The match should be pretty brutal. It’s a hard one to predict but I’ll go with EC3 here, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it went the other way either.

Winner: EC3

GFW/World Championship Unification Match: Bobby Lashley (c) vs Alberto El Patron

The main event will feature the dominant heel champion Lashley going up against seemingly the new face of Impact Wrestling, Alberto El Patron. The build has been adequate. Nothing I would call overly special. It should be a good match. Their first match was really good until the false finish. Lashley has been pretty unbeatable for quite a while now, but I can’t see any scenario where Alberto doesn’t win. He’s the new face, it’s the final show under the Impact Wrestling banner. Everything will be GFW moving forward and what a better way to ring in the new era than having the champion dethrone the final champion of the company that won’t exist moving forward.

Winner: New GFW World Champion – Alberto El Patron

So there you have it ladies and gents. The first big PPV of the year and the final PPV under the Impact Wrestling banner. It all happens this Sunday at 8pm on a streaming website near you. Or on PPV if you feel charitable enough to support the company. I hope everyone enjoys the show. I’ll be handling the PBP duties so I hope you join us. We always have a great time. Be safe everyone.

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