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EditorialTiffany's Takes: AEW Dark Episode 22

Tiffany’s Takes: AEW Dark Episode 22



Tiffany’s Takes are covering the early episode of AEW Dark! How are the Elites preparing themselves for the Revolution on Saturday?

Luther vs Sonny Kiss

So, we’re finally going to see Uncle Finster in action. Maybe he’ll do the light bulb trick. BTW, where’s Mel? At least Sonny’s game for this, I wouldn’t be. Also, LOVE that Sonny’s so over with the crowd.

I think calling this start ‘bowling shoe ugly’ would be me being nice. This match was rough as a cob from the start. I guess AEW uses the NJPW rule of weapons being allowed as long as its OUTSIDE the ring, not in it. I’ll give Finster credit, he’s got some moves, but this match is a cold mess. These two are just…not clicking.

Luther wins with his submission hold, which is a cool version of the Camel Clutch and Jimmy Havoc comes in for the confrontation, but the match was not great. Moving on.

Miranda Alize vs Britt Baker

So Miranda Alize is a prospect, not a local talent since she’s got an entrance. I like her mask and she seems pretty cool. Britt Baker is cool, as always. Seriously, having a licensed dentist as part of your roster is genius.

Okay, I LIKE Alize, she’s not afraid to mix it up. Britt Baker has DEFINITELY improved since she’s been off camera. She’s still not great, but she’s definitely holding her own.

Britt wins with her Lock Jaw, that was a pretty good match, thank God. I’m not sure I could’ve stood another match like the previous two. Okay, feeling better about this show tonight.


Private Party vs Shawn Spears and Brandon Cutler

Well, this seems to be a case of odd bedfellows. What the fuck is on Spears’ shirt? He’s not the Chairman anymore? Cutler’s like ‘How’d I get myself into this?’ Can we stop the Mardi Gras shtick and start wrestling?

Okay, is Spears trying to be a mentor to Cutler, is that his new gimmick? Okay, that corner spot was sloppy. Well, Spears and Cutler seem to be functioning well together…I guess. Spears tags in just when Cutler’s getting some momentum, so so much for turning over a new leaf or being a mentor. Spears is still out for himself.

I know Spears has gotten a lot of ribbing over leaving WWE to be a big star in AEW, only to be a mid-carder there, but he’s had more matches in AEW than he has in WWE and actually can show what he’s capable of. He’s not exactly a diamond in the rough talent, but he’s not terrible.

Okay, this match is actually pretty good. Spears and Cutler are working reasonably well together and keeping Private Party grounded. Spears doing some tough love on Cutler…nope leaving him to his fate with Private Party just when it looked like they could win this thing.

WAIT, Cutler’s holding his own and Spears is about to have a stroke on the ramp. Never mind. Spears fucked himself out of a win and Cutler is still winless. At least Private Party showed respect.

Upcoming Shows: Chicago (Revolution), Broomfield/Denver, Salt Lake City, Rochester, Newark, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Las Vegas (DoN and Dynamite)

Dark Order vs Peter Avalon and Michael Nakazawa

Another strange bedfellows match. I get why Nakazawa would be facing the Dark Order…kind of, but why is Peter Avalon playing a babyface? Okay, interesting book choice. How sad is it that I’m happy to see Michael Nakazawa, but at least Avalon is trying to get the crowd going.

Sweet. Jesus! Who booked this match?! It’s so bad, it’s actually hilarious. Dark Order wins because the faces are incompetent idiots, BUT Avalon stays a heel, and Dark Order does some recruiting attempts.

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