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EditorialWWE 10 Most Underrated Matches Of 2014!

WWE 10 Most Underrated Matches Of 2014!



No.1- The Uso’s Vs. The Wyatt Family, WWE Tag Team Championship Match, Battleground. This match consisted of 4 of the companies best performers and all gave 5 star performances through out the entire showing. The hard hitting action was brutal and honestly the victory looked as if it could go either way. The variety of moves and sequences throughout was absolutely amazing and both teams had such great chemistry together. Winner: The Uso’s

No.2- Kofi Kingston Vs. Dean Ambrose Vs. Jack Swagger Vs. Seth Rollins Vs. Rob Van Dam Vs. Dolph Ziggler, Money In The Bank Ladder Match, MITB. All 6 athletes put on tremendous performances, the match contained mind boggling spots and various OMG! moments which made the match so entertaining and thrilling to watch. The superstars used the ladders very smartly and uniquely in comparison to any ladder match beforehand. Winner: Seth Rollins 

No.3- Adrian Neville Vs. Tyson Kidd Vs. Tyler Breeze Vs. Sami Zayn, NXT Championship Match, NXT Takeover Fatal 4 Way. This 4 way rivalry was so brilliant. All 4 are tremendous, phenomenal performers and all could of won the match and with no explanation needed because of how good the match was and each individual performer in there role and the way they told a story. The moves seen in this match were out of this world and perfectly timed and placed. Winner: Adrian Neville 

No.4- Luke Harper Vs. Dolph Ziggler, WWE Intercontinental Championship Match, TLC(Stairs). Both men were willing to put all on the line to deliver an instant classic ladder match with thrilling spots and close calls. The psychology and intimidation Luke Harper brought was perfect and Dolph Ziggler’s babyface underdog portrayal was also on point. The  match was back and forth and there was never a dull moment which is why this match makes it at No.4. Winner: Dolph Ziggler 

No.5- Seth Rollins Vs. Dean Ambrose, Lumberjack Match, SummerSlam. This was no ordinary Lumberjack match, this was an all out brawl across the whole entire arena with brilliant never before seen spots in such a type of match. Both men took each other to the absolute limit and both hit multiple awesome manoeuvres on superstars surrounding the ring to large applause. Winner: Seth Rollins 

No.6- John Cena Vs. Cesaro, Raw. This match was PPV worthy and delivered on every aspect. Cesaro used various unique moves from his arsenal to get the crowd going and together both men created an amazing sequence to end the match. The reversals and comebacks from both men created a very special match up. Winner: John Cena 

No.7- Sheamus Vs. Cesaro, WWE United States Championship Match, Payback. This match was excellent and was very entertaining, for both mens styles meshed very well together and created an astonishing brutal physical match. The chemistry was there from the get go and the match up was great through out. Winner: Sheamus 

No.8- The Uso’s Vs. The Real Americans Vs. Rybaxel Vs. Los Matadores, WWE Tag Team Championship Match, WrestleMania 30. This match had a real fun element to it and all 4 teams brought different strengths and skills to the match to create a hard hitting; close counting match. With various signature moves and finishers showcased during this match up the multiple kick outs to them gave the match importance and significance. Winner: The Uso’s  

No.9- Kane Vs. Daniel Bryan, WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match, Extreme Rules. This match had spots never before performed in a wrestling ring and the match was an all out brawl through out with extreme attack moves from both men right from the start. It was entertaining and was an awesome match both men should be proud to add to there resume. Winner: Daniel Bryan 

No.10- The Uso’s Vs. Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan, Steel Cage Match, RAW. This match really helped give The Uso’s the credibility they deserve and the aftermath created happiness for all WWE fans because The Yes Man! put a beating on Wyatt’s A**. The top rope moves and various signatures performed gave the match a real element of importance and developed a high class, 5 star; PPV worthy match up.Winner: The Uso’s

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