Taya Valkyrie

A New Account of the Taya Valkyrie/Fan Incident from This Past Weekend


Mike Johnson of PWInsider was at the IMPACT Wrestling events over the weekend and gave a first-hand account of the incident between Taya Valkyrie and a rude audience member:

There was a lot of talk online about the fan who was thrown out of the Philadelphia event, who was so belligerent in yelling at Taya Valkyrie that Tommy Dreamer actually addressed him from the ring mic. There was video footage of the fan spitting at Taya’s back after she knocked a beer out of his hands. That led to some fans blaming Taya for the situation, but having been there, she was certainly not in the wrong as the fan had been acting out all night before the main event. The fan was finally removed when a security guard approached him and he responded by arguing with the guard, at which point security removed him. There was a lot of talk after that had Atlas Security been there, it never would have taken to the main event for the fan to be tossed.

The same report also states that another fan had to be removed over the weekend for being rude to Don Callis.

Are fans becoming too inappropriate at wrestling events? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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