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Cam Newton Is Interested In Joining AEW If The Money Is Right, Zack Sabre Jr. News



While Cam Newton appears to be done with the NFL at this point, the former quarterback is hoping to find a new career in AEW.

Speaking with AEW President Tony Khan on his “Fourth & 1” podcast, Newton revealed that he’d be open to an AEW appearance if it makes sense. He said,

“I will not say I won’t do anything, ever. So, there’s a chance. From that realm, now it comes down to, it must make sense. When I say sense, my sense doesn’t start with a S, my ‘cents’ starts with a C.”

In other news, Zack Sabre Jr. says he’ll capture the IWGP World Championship at some point this year and “change the entire professional wrestling landscape.”

Following his win over Bryan Danielson at NJPW’s ‘New Beginning’ event in Osaka, Sabre commented on his goals for 2024. He said,

“From that first match with Bryan, my career took off, and I haven’t looked back once. Then Bryan decided to do one better and he went to the largest professional wrestling company in the world that refused to call what we do professional wrestling. But Bryan, through every obstacle, became the most important wrestler in the entire world, and the entire industry is indebted to everything he’s done. In that time, Bryan went to work for the largest wrestling company in the world and before a millionaire, I turned down every single offer from every major company because I believe in something different.”

He continued, “I’ve dedicated my entire adult life, my entire life since 14, to a vision of pro wrestling that I haven’t even started to complete. I’ll dedicate the rest of my life to this sport. I expect no thanks, no adulation from it, and one day, I’ll disappear and you’ll never hear from me again. But until that day, every single day, you’ll find me in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, changing the concept of what professional wrestling can be. Whilst doing that, while every other fucker goes off to be a millionaire, I’m staying. Probably through stupidity, probably in part because I don’t believe in capitalism. Money’s of no interest to me, professional wrestling is. In 2024, I’m gonna win the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship, and I’m gonna change the entire professional wrestling landscape.”

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