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Gabe Kidd Wants To Beat Up Nic Nemeth & Matt Riddle, Zack Sabre Jr. Praises Oleg Boltin



Zack Sabre Jr. and Mikey Nicholls defeated Oleg Boltin and Shoma Kato on night eleven of the 2024 NJPW New Japan Cup.

In a post-match interview, Sabre Jr. lavished praise on Boltin, going as far as calling him a future IWGP World Heavyweight Champion. He said,

“Well, we’re in the opening match against Young Lions, so I’d say [the] tour is going great. Tour is going great. [Nicholls responded that it was all downhill from there.] Yeah, like some white water rafting, you just plummet to your death, don’t you? Career suicide right now. It’s fun being in with the young lions.

When that man, when Oleg Boltin figures it all out, he’s terrifying. That’s future IWGP World Heavyweight Championship material. But I want to be the man that he’s chasing for that championship. Hopefully, there’s a bit of a gap. Take your time, and let me get the championship first.”

Gabe Kidd, Chase Owens, and KENTA defeated Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Toru Yano, and YOSHI-HASHI on night 11 of the New Japan Cup.

In a post-match backstage promo, Kidd announced that he would like to beat up Nic Nemeth & Matt Riddle. He said,

“Hey, I said this year, I’ll scrap anyone. Who wants a fight? Who wants a little fisticuffs? Who wants a f**king scrap? Nic Nemeth? Nic who? Who the f**k is Nic Nemeth? I’ll beat the shit out of Nic Nemeth. I’ll beat the shit out of Matt Riddle. Who the f**k are these guys? F**k these guys.

Bullet Club run this s**t. We run it. Who wants a f**king scrap?”

Nic Nemeth and Matt Riddle are the IWGP Global Heavyweight Champion and the NJPW World TV Champion, respectively.

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