Tuesday, June 18, 2024
NewsAEWDarby Allin Discusses The Mental Toll Of Being Sidelined With An Injury

Darby Allin Discusses The Mental Toll Of Being Sidelined With An Injury



During a recent interview with Fightful, Darby Allin talked about being out of action with a broken foot.

The AEW wrestler revealed that he broke his foot on March 13, 2024, at AEW Dynamite: Big Business, not at the Revolution pay-per-view event.

“In the ring, it’s weird because I feel like I’ve dodged so many bullets and it sucks, it wasn’t even a big stunt, but breaking my foot,” he explained. “It was just a front flip off the top rope. Jay White is on the floor outside, I do a front flip to the outside, and I landed on top of it. It’s been the first actual injury in the five years of AEW that couldn’t walk away from. That I needed to go to the hospital and I couldn’t come back next week. It’s crazy because I’ve done so many gnarly things, and that of all things puts me out. It is what it is. Everybody said, ‘Maybe that’s a sign you shouldn’t climb Mount Everest.’ No, absolutely not. I’m climbing Mount Everest next year. It just sucked. I was supposed to go to Everest two weeks from that match. I was so ready for Everest. The timing of it all. It’s another reason I feel I need to get back in there. The mental pain of just sitting at home and not being able to do sh*t, it sucked.”

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