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NewsAEWDDP On Helping Jake Roberts Overcome His Addiction Struggles

DDP On Helping Jake Roberts Overcome His Addiction Struggles



On a recent edition of “The MMA Hour” podcast, Diamond Dallas Page discussed working with WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts to help him overcome his struggle with addiction.

You can check out the highlights from the podcast below:

On his past work with the late Scott Hall and Jake Roberts: “Thank God we got another extra 10 years with Scott. And Jake? Neither one of those guys would ever have gotten into the Hall of Fame if God didn’t put me on this path.”

On the role Jake Roberts played in his life: “Without Jake Roberts, there’s no three-time world champ or Hall of Famer without both of those guys – both of guys were so huge in my life, and I wanted to help Jake forever, but he was never ready until that day.”

On Jake Roberts reuniting with his family: “He’s back with his second wife, who he had four kids with, Cheryl, who you would remember from Rick Rude and Jake Roberts, and Cheryl slapping the hell out of him! They’re back together, and so in love…”

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