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NewsAEWMatthew Jackson Discusses AEW's Ongoing Growth, Will Ospreay Praises Ricochet

Matthew Jackson Discusses AEW’s Ongoing Growth, Will Ospreay Praises Ricochet



Matthew Jackson recently appeared on the “AEW Unrestricted” podcast to discuss a variety of topics, including AEW’s launch at Double or Nothing 2019 and how far the company has come since then.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the company’s fifth anniversary: “It’s a big night. I mean, five years ago, we stood on that stage and we welcomed everybody to the first Double or Nothing, a show name that we created, actually. To see how far AEW has come, how much we’ve grown in those five years, it’s amazing, and I think a lot of people take it for granted. This is unprecedented what one company, a baby company like AEW has done in half a decade. It blows my mind. Sometimes I have to sit back and go, wow, and take it all in.”

on what AEW has accomplished: “In this business, we go from town to town, from show to show, we don’t get a chance to really smell the roses and enjoy and take it all in, and this is huge. I think one day, when we’re all retired and we’re all old, we’re gonna look back, and we’re finally gonna be able to go, ‘Wow,’ and to think that me and Nicholas did all on our own, that’s really humbling and really cool, and it makes me very happy.”

Will Ospreay has nothing but high praise for Ricochet’s in-ring work, and he’s interested in facing off against the current WWE Superstar again in the future. Ospreay and Ricochet previously competed together on the independent scene and in NJPW.

Speaking with, Ospreay opined on Ricochet’s in-ring work and his desire to wrestle him again.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On Ricochet: “I keep up with him all the time and sometimes I get a little bit sad about it. I hope he’s not sad and I hope he’s real happy. I keep up with him as much as I can, but I feel like people are forgetting who Ricochet was once upon a time. All of these high-flyers that you see, and myself included, we all took inspiration from Pac and Ricochet. The fact that they only value his time for under five minutes is appalling to me. I just want people to remember who he is. If you go and look at 2012-2013 Dragon Gate Ricochet, he was untouchable at the time. When it came to this generation of high-flyers, he was the greatest. He’s the greatest high-flyer ever. I know it sounds weird, but I do include put him on the same level as Rey Mysterio.”

On wanting to wrestle him again: “I don’t know how much longer he has got in his contract, but I think it might be up soon, man, I don’t know. I want him to know that there are people here that genuinely appreciate his work and I want to wrestle him again. I want him back here. I want him to know that there isn’t a bar. You are the f–king bar. I just want to see him with more time and ability to showcase himself how I saw him. He’s one of the best going, and if the opportunity presents itself, I think he should bet on himself. I think he should remind himself that he’s one of the best high-flyers to ever do it. If it means he’s got to come for me, then do it, boss, because I’m right here waiting for you.”

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