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NewsAEWPowerhouse Hobbs Provides Injury Update, Shane Taylor Talks Will Ospreay

Powerhouse Hobbs Provides Injury Update, Shane Taylor Talks Will Ospreay



As we previously reported here on eWn, AEW wrestler Powerhouse Hobbs is currently recuperating from a knee injury and has undergone surgery.

Hobbs recently posted a video on social media, providing an update on his recovery process. He wrote, “Building a whole different #Monstar #Aew @RNA_sports.”

In a recent appearance on the “Grant Fletcher on the Mic” podcast, Shane Taylor provided insights into his recent match against Will Ospreay, which took place on AEW Collision earlier this month.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On facing Will Ospreay: “The match went as I expected. Even though the result didn’t go my way, I’ve walked in there against who many people feel is the best wrestler, not only currently in the world, but challenges Bryan Danielson as the best wrestler of all time. With Anthony Ogogo there on the outside, once again, another member of Shane Taylor Promotions who feels as though he’s got a point to prove, feels as though he’s been overlooked, one of the best heavyweight British wrestlers boxing prospects of all time, Olympic medal-winning performances, now has the opportunity to be on national TV every week, applying his trade, showing his skill after everybody in that country abandoned him when he no longer could box. When his eye got hurt, All the sponsorship stopped. All the calls stopped. All the fanfare stopped. They left him there. They left him for dead, just like people left Lee Moriarty, just like people left me. If you don’t think that’s a motivating factor to turn yourself into an absolute monster in this sport, you are dead wrong.”

On knowing what he was up against with Ospreay: “But walking into that match with Ospreay, I knew who I was up against. I knew what the challenges would be. But again, every single time we go out there, I tell people we rumble. My father always told me, he said, never believe anybody’s reputation. They have to prove it to you. So that’s what I made him do. I made Will Ospreay prove to me that he’s the best wrestler in the world. Prove to me that that you’re everything that Japan said you are, proved to me that you’re everything that Tony Khan thinks you are, proved to me that you’re everything these fans think you are, right? I get what he was saying when he says, you know, he’s the feeling, right? He brings a level of excitement. He brings a level of energy that very few talents have ever brought. And I wanted to see exactly what that was about.”

On pushing Ospreay to his limits: “So I pushed him, hit him, cracked him. punched him in his ribs, punched him in his face, kneed him in his face, threw him all over the ring. I wanted to see what kind of heart Will Ospreay had. To his credit, he got the job done. Congratulations, Mr. Ospreay. You can bet your a*s, though, that you’re going to see me again. We’re going to do that again and again and again until it’s my hand being raised.”

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