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NewsAEWRoderick Strong Reveals The Origin Of Yelling ‘Adam’ In AEW

Roderick Strong Reveals The Origin Of Yelling ‘Adam’ In AEW



On a recent edition of the “Insight” podcast, AEW wrestler Roderick Strong discussed his wrestling career, the inspiration for yelling “Adam,” donning his neck brace, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the origin of yelling “Adam”: “Some of the production people started coming [up to me] who worked behind the scenes. And they’re like, yeah, the fans are screaming it before the show. It’s like, Woo and Adam! Then I was just like, Oh my God, because a lot of stuff was pre-taped and or filmed off-site. So then the first time that I got to really, like after a stretch go out in front of the people. And I was like, Oh, my God, this is ridiculous. And it’s kind of funny, because the yelling happened. But then it was like, I can’t just yell everything. It’s funny because my son does the thing when he’s fired up and he’s so mad. He just will yell one of the words he’s saying. Sometimes it’s the right word, sometimes it’s not. And then he just talks really calm afterwards. And I thought, like, oh, man, that’s hilarious. So that’s kind of the yelling and then like this monotone speaking was kind of just mimicking him.”

On wearing his neck brace everywhere: “I think because I was all in on it, I would wear that neck brace freaking everywhere. It didn’t matter where I was going. All the time. It didn’t matter. It was one of those things that like, honestly, our medical team was like, Hey, you can’t wear this as much, because it’s like weakening your neck muscles slightly. So then I would give it a little bit of a break. But yeah, it was something and it was a real-life thing for me. I came back from a bad neck injury. So it wasn’t something that was too far-fetched to my mind. And my son loved it.”

On that scary moment with the Spanish Fly in his match with Action Andretti: “[Was it scary?] Oh very much so. But because I immediately checked everything like, Okay, I felt it at its worst [previously]. Oh, this just feels normal, I’m fine. And then it just made me super grateful for the training that I was doing, because a lot of it is creating the space in your joints and like my vertebrae and working on my flexibility. I was just thankful for that.”

On wrestling on AEW Revolution along with Sting’s last match: “I mean, it’s a big honor. And to be going against somebody like Orange Cassidy. Whatever we have going on aside he’s been a tremendous champion. I mean, he’s just an amazing wrestler and a great human. So it’s just one of those things that the right opponent at the right time. And, I haven’t wrestled as much as I thought I was going to my first year, and I’m okay with it. This gives me an opportunity to kind of blow the door open because people don’t really know exactly what to expect of me in these kinds of matches. I haven’t been in a big match like this in quite some time. So I’m very excited to show the world and I get to do it on the same show as Sting in his last match.”

Roderick Strong will challenge Orange Cassidy for the International Championship this Sunday at AEW Revolution 2024.

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