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Shane Helms Reveals He Sent All In 2018 Pay Back To Cody Rhodes



Shane Helms was paid handsomely for his work as part of the 2018 All In independent event but made sure to pay back Cody Rhodes for the show.

Helms was part of the event, participating in the Zero Hour Over Budget Battle Royale that was ultimately won by Chico El Luchador.

On a recent edition of the “Behind The Turnbuckle” podcast, Helms discussed how he paid back Rhodes after being paid for the show. He said,

“When they did All In, I worked for them on the show. Cody sent me a payday, and I sent it back. I said, ‘No, that was my gift to you guys. I want you guys to make it.’ So, I sent my payday back. Now that he’s got all this money, I might need to revisit that with a little interest.

“That’s how much I appreciated those guys and what they were doing. I thought they were going to bring something new and big. I didn’t think it was going to be an entire company, but I’m fascinated with what they were able to pull off.”

All In’s success would lead to AEW being launched in early 2019. The All In name was brought back for AEW’s first event in the UK in August 2023.

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