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Tony Schiavone – ‘Tony Khan Loves ECW, Talks About It All The Time!’



On a recent edition of his “What Happened When” podcast, AEW broadcaster Tony Schiavone discussed AEW President Tony Khan’s love of the classic ECW.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Tony Khan being an ECW fan: “Tony Khan absolutely loved it. Talks about it all the time and I’ve said this before about ECW, of course, I didn’t see any of it, but these characters are absolutely incredible. What ECW brought to the wrestling world still exists today.”

On ECW’s impact today: “The ECW style is so much a part of what we do today, because fans still go bananas — it doesn’t matter what match it is, that we have fans go bananas when someone pulls a table out underneath the ring.”

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