AJ Styles Says That Vince McMahon Thought That No-One Would Know Who He Was When He Debuted In WWE


The current WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, joined Edge & Christian’s Podcast Of Awesomeness recently. During their conversation, Styles stated that the Chairman of WWE, Vince McMahon, thought Styles’s reaction from the fans at the 2016 Royal Rumble may have been a fluke.

Here’s what Styles had to say:

Styles“I think Vince thought it was fluke. I had a match, a typical babyface match and Vince went ‘I have tons of guys who can have that match, where’s this freakin’ pitbull, this attack dog’. Oh, you want that guy, I can be that guy. I think the reaction was unbelievable, I did not expect that, it was one of those things in WWE history [which] will be forever there because that kind of reaction I didn’t expect. I don’t think anybody expected that, I definitely don’t think Vince expected that. I’ve heard stories that [Vince] said: ‘nobody’s going to know who this guy is and you want him at No. 3?'”


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