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NewsAlicia Fox - 'The WWE Four Horsewomen Were Sassy'

Alicia Fox – ‘The WWE Four Horsewomen Were Sassy’



During a recent appearance on the “Ring The Belle” podcast, former WWE Superstar Alicia Fox spoke about the newer generation of female wrestlers, particularly, the Four Horsewomen (Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bayley, and Sasha Banks) in WWE NXT.

Fox revealed that some of the Four Horsewomen were a bit “sassy” when they arrived at the WWE Performance Center.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On beating Bayley and Sasha Banks on Raw to become the Team Raw captain at Survivor Series 2017: “I think in this moment in my career, I was aware that there might be a push coming. I guess in seeing that match, it’s funny because Sasha and Bayley really respect their craft and they practice it, and I like to be able to work with those girls. That was the one thing by this time in my career, I had slowly become aware that every generation of women that comes in is different and they keep fluid.”

On studying her craft: “So a lot of when the study of my craft started expanding, Beth [Phoenix] was there, Melina was there when I first got on the road, [Michelle] McCool, Layla, and we all had our developmental style.”

On her thoughts on WWE’s new generation of Four Horsewomen at NXT and the WWE Performance Center: “Yeah, because they came from wanting to be technician wrestlers, and this is where it gets funny where this was more reality TV. It’s like, well, if they want to be technical wrestlers, that’s fine, but can you put a**** in seats? Does anyone wanna come see you do a thousand drill rolls?”

On how some of the newer generation of women’s wrestlers were “sassy”: “Because at that same time, we shared a locker room with The Bella Twins, Maryse, all of us knew how to work from the girls before us — the Beths, the Mickies. So we were with these kiddies that were like, ‘We’re technical.’ They’re all, ‘NXT, clunk.’ Do y’all remember Derby Park, OVW? We set those rings up. That’s what I’m saying, me, Maryse, Mickie [James], all those girls that opened the doors for Sasha, for Bayley. And no offense, but some of them [were] sassy.”

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