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NewsAlicia Fox Wants To Produce Wrestling For TV

Alicia Fox Wants To Produce Wrestling For TV



Alicia Fox will return to the ring for the first time since her departure from WWE. The former Divas Champion is set to appear at Booker T’s Summer Of Champions IX event on July 15th.

During a recent appearance on “The Ryback Show,” Fox revealed what she has been up to following her WWE exit, and what she plans on doing next.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how she’s doing following her WWE exit: “I’m out of the Easy Bake Oven, WWE that is. I’ve been out for about a month. It was just kind of awkward. It’s this moment to have my name and to put some steam under it has been a dream of mine, but definitely has a lot of fear to it. I’m stepping out and trying to figure out what’s the next right best thing. Just to be a service for the industry. I don’t see myself being back in another oven, but I want to be part of the industry. It’s definitely different out here. Reclaiming my personality is where I’m at. Now that I have my name and I feel I can say my truth, I’m looking forward to seeing what that will look like. I have no idea.”

On her interest in producing for wrestling TV: “I always had this interest in being in the TV truck. I always wanted to be like little Kevin Dunn Jr. I think it’d be fun to do producing and directing, the meat and potatoes of the TV aspect. Sometimes, what’s portrayed on TV, I would do my best I could to contribute to a company that wants to help the girls know an appropriate standard; the gear, certain moves where their legs are hard cam, ‘close your legs.’ Little things. That’s with any talent. Just more of the overall development package. There are certain things that I think, social media allows personalities to seep in on our caricature as performers. Sometimes, I think that can be a little misleading for the product. For myself, it was a little difficult to embody my Total Diva character with my wrestling character because one is PG and one is not. In a sense of producing content for a company, I would love to be in some conversations that would help elevate the voices of what real standard TV should be appropriate. Right now, we’re in a very hyper-sexed environment with social media information everywhere. I would love to be able to keep the standards of a company clean and green. High ethical, good quality content.”

On wanting to contribute to wrestling: “When it comes to helping talent in the ring, I would love to contribute as talent, as a coach, I would just love to contribute. I don’t see myself really wanting to play the politics.”

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