Allysin Kay: “It’s Up to Tessa Blanchard If She Wants to be ‘The Next Moolah’!”


As noted over the weekend here on eWn, numerous women’s wrestlers have been blasting Tessa Blanchard on social media, accusing her of being a racist and bully.

Allysin Kay claimed that Tessa Blanchard once slapped a woman (Black Rose) in her face and called her the N-word in Japan. She said,


“The reason I’ve never said anything until now is because it wasn’t my story to tell. I made it clear to La Rosa that I had her back, and today was the day she gave me permission. You can’t force someone to come forward, but you can be there for them. THAT is ‘supporting women’.”

Kay tweeted the following earlier today,

“It’s never the ‘right time’ to come forward. It will always be difficult. There are always reasons not to. But there is no statute of limitations on someone’s pain. So many people bury their secrets for years out of fear; some forever. I encourage you to not stay silent forever.”

“She will go down in history regardless, but it’s up to her whether she wants it to be for her talent, or if she wants to be the next Moolah.”

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