AUDIO: Ken Shamrock Calls CM Punk A Spoiled Brat


In an interview with the Riv and Landin Show, Ken Shamrock said that CM Punk was a spoiled brat for walking out on WWE. When asked about Punk potentially getting into MMA, Shamrock said that he doesn’t think Punk would have a chance in the UFC. He added that Punk should start at the bottom because he has no experience. He said Punk suffered from “spoiled brat syndrome” because he walked out when he didn’t get what he wanted from WWE management.

Shamrock also said that WWE and UFC are similar because they refuse to give the fans what they want.

When asked why Triple H doesn’t want him back in WWE, he said HHH doesn’t like him because he had to put him over several times during the attitude era, which according to Shamrock, HHH doesn’t like to do. He said wants to come back and that left in 1999 due to a family issue. Finally, he said that Vince McMahon is easier to work for than Dana White, who is “incapable” of handling UFC fighters.

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