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NewsAustin Theory Reveals What John Cena Told Him After Their WrestleMania 39...

Austin Theory Reveals What John Cena Told Him After Their WrestleMania 39 Match



Austin Theory recently appeared on the “Babyfaces Podcast” to discuss a variety of topics, including his match with John Cena at WrestleMania 39.

According to Theory, Cena told him after the match that he hoped he enjoyed it and would use it as motivation.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On working with John Cena at WrestleMania: “That whole moment was a full circle moment because anyone who knows my past knows that John Cena was always that motivation and inspiration to become a WWE superstar. To finally have that moment in the ring with him, me being on one end and him being on the other, and leading to that match. There is no better place than getting to do that in front of my entire family in Los Angles, in the ring with John Cena, that was a really cool moment. Looking on, because you always have to move forward and look past that, for me, my next one, Roman Reigns. We have to get ready for Tribal Theory.”

On if he spoke with Cena after the match: “Post-match, it was a really cool moment. He told me to enjoy this day, enjoy this moment. Literally, there was no stress that day. I wasn’t nervous. Everything that prepared me for that moment and everything that prepared me to go out there and perform, I felt like I had it. That was something cool. Something that John says, you can say a lot of people say, but it’s so true, just not being afraid to fail, betting on yourself, and going for it. A lot of times, that’s what holds a lot of us back from things. Us worried about this or that. It might not even be you. You might believe in yourself, and just because one person has an opinion, it bothers you and can set you off. That’s the biggest thing, don’t be afraid to fail. It’s going to be a ride that goes up and down, but continue to press forward.”

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