Tuesday, May 21, 2024
NewsBad Bunny's Spider-Man Spin-Off Removed From Schedule

Bad Bunny’s Spider-Man Spin-Off Removed From Schedule



A Spider-Man spin-off that was set to star Bad Bunny in a leading role has been removed from Marvel’s schedule, raising questions about the film’s future.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Sony’s planned Spider-Man spin-off ‘El Muerto’ has been taken off the release schedule after initially being planned to release next January.

The film was set to star Bunny in the titular role, playing a wrestler who gains superhuman abilities from the mask he wears.

In addition to Bad Bunny, it has been rumored that Mercedes Mone was going to have a role in the film but it is unclear who she would have played.

Filming for ‘El Muerto’ was delayed when more work was needed on the script and several productions have been brought to a standstill due to the ongoing writer’s strike.

Though it may be a long time before ‘El Muerto’ releases (or never at all,) this week saw the trailer for another Spider-Man spin-off ‘Kraven the Hunter’ get released.

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