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NewsBecky Lynch Talks Her Upcoming WWE Backlash Match, Charlotte's Move To SD...

Becky Lynch Talks Her Upcoming WWE Backlash Match, Charlotte’s Move To SD Live, What’s Next For Becky Lynch



Former Smackdown Live Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, recently spoke to Josh Barnett of USA Today’s “For The Win” section. Lynch went over Charlotte Flair’s move to Smackdown Live, what’s next for the Becky Lynch character & much more.

Here are the highlights:

Adding Comedy To The Becky Lynch Character:

“It will come in time, right now, my character needs an element of more intensity instead of a comedy role, although I would love, for example, to team up with Breezango and do something on the Fashion Files. That is one of my favorite segments on Smackdown Live now.”

“With the Becky Lynch character, there are so many different elements we haven’t seen yet. I’ve been a similar story-line in the last year and a half or two years. Hopefully, it’s not going to end with Charlotte turning on me again, but oh dear, if that’s what it is, I will be a lot smarter to it and then we’ll see an extra edge to my character.”

Charlotte’s Move To SD Live:

“This gives it a longevity to where we can go. If we start fighting right now, there’s not really anywhere we can go. If we can team up and be on the same page, there are a multitude of directions we can go. Eventually, I’d like to face her for a championship down the line. Hopefully, it will be me with the championship. I’ve never gotten to face her in a fair fight. She’s always had someone in her corner, whether it was Ric or Dana Brooke so it will be interesting to see how that will go, she’s here and on her own and going solo.”

Does She Prefer Singles Matches Or Tag-Team Matches Referring To Her Upcoming Six-Woman Tag Match On Sunday:

“I generally prefer singles matches or multi-person matches like four-ways or triple threats or six-pack challenges, but there’s always a challenge with tag team matches with doing a different formula for people to worry about. If I had the choice, I’d rather worry about myself. I was never a team sport player so I think that lends itself to why I prefer singles matches.”

Her Thoughts On James Ellsworth:

“I think it’s been brilliant, he adds an extra layer of entertainment, he’s been crucial in helping move this story-line along. But I would love personally nothing more to drop the head off him and Beckplex him into a different town.”

If you want to read USA Today’s full interview with Becky Lynch, click here:


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