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NewsBianca Belair - 'Charlotte Flair's Injury Is A Huge Blow For WWE'

Bianca Belair – ‘Charlotte Flair’s Injury Is A Huge Blow For WWE’



Charlotte Flair will be out of action for up to nine months due to a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus she suffered on a recent episode of WWE SmackDown.

In a recent appearance on the “ROAR Around The Ring” podcast, Bianca Belair called Flair’s absence on the Road To WrestleMania a “huge blow” for WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Flair’s injury: “It is a huge blow. Charlotte Flair has been such a vital part of our women’s roster. She’s created so much history. … With the accolades that she has, she’s a legend, and it’s really hard knowing that we’ve lost someone like Charlotte Flair right now for nine months.”

On someone else potentially filling in Flair’s role: “It does open up an opportunity for someone else. That’s just the way this business is… Our roster is so deep, especially right now. Especially on the SmackDown side. I feel like we have … Michin. I feel like she’s stepping her game up. … On the Raw side, you have Raquel. I feel like she’s been showing up and showing out lately. Zoey [Stark]. There [are] just so many women that can fill that spot.”

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