Big Swole Comments On Tooth & Nail Match With Dr. Britt Baker, Why She Didn’t Like It


Former AEW star Big Swole was interviewed on the Public Enemies Podcast as she talked about the match with Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. that took place at AEW’s All Out event in 2020, which was a “Tooth & Nail” match. Swole expressed her displeasure for the match, among other topics that were also talked about below:

Big Swole on her Tooth and Nail matchup with Britt Baker at All Out 2020: “I was the perfect person to turn her [Britt Baker] heel because they didn’t trust anybody else to do it because I had the most charisma, I had the most character. It’s just is what it is. It’s just in my nature, it’s just me and this is how I am off-screen and on-screen. So they needed somebody that was gonna, one, hold their weight and I did that and then some because I do my job and I’m accountable, and so the Tooth and Nail match [at All Out], she wasn’t necessarily — she was ‘cleared’. I’m gonna put quotations up because it was like a grey area. I knew she could do stuff but she wasn’t cleared to have a match yet.”

On how the match was laid out: “But we were able to still do stuff. So we do cinematic but we couldn’t do any of the matches, like a real match, and so we’re doing this and they have everything kind of laid out in a sense, and I sh*t you not, I stopped production and, because we were in the last scene, towards down the hallway before I put the syringe in. Now the syringe was her idea, so I was like, ‘Okay. We’re gonna do this,’ and I look at Kenny [Omega], I was like, ‘Kenny, we haven’t wrestled. There’s no substance to this. This is just – I don’t know what this is.’ This is a trailer at this point, you know? Because I couldn’t say certain things, I couldn’t make fun of her being a dentist and her Doctorate because she said that’s her real job. So we had like a mini argument about that because I was like, ‘Well, I’ve been making fun of you being a dentist this whole time. Why stop now?’

“But, we got to the end and I was like, ‘Can we just put a little bit more into this? A little bit more.’ So I’m like — Kenny and I stopped for, it was at least 40 minutes to try to put some type of action into it so that’s when we came in, she did the fisherman onto the floor, whatever, and we just started fighting-fighting, if that makes sense until we got pretty much to the end and it was a long day. It was a really long day. It was a one-day shoot. It was a long one-day shoot at her friend’s dentist office that hadn’t opened yet.”

Swole on why the match left a bad taste in her mouth: “It was just, I don’t know. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth because it wasn’t necessarily what I wanted. I didn’t have reigns over everything or much of anything. I didn’t really have input that I wanted to like I did with ‘three strikes’ [against Diamante]. Now that was my baby, you know? I came in there, I was like, ‘This is the idea, this is who I wanna do it with. This is going to work,’ and it… it told a complete story and I got more women into it. And even women from the back were thanking me because they were like, ‘Thank you, Swole, for letting us get something,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah if I can work somebody into the story and it’s organic, I’m gonna do that because I want us to succeed.’”

On wanting to show what the women could do: “I want people to see that we have some women in here that can just go. They have the charisma, like, I’m a big fan of Nyla Rose, I’m a big fan of Abadon and of course Kiera [Hogan], and Diamante, and stuff like that. I love their work ethic, and Jade [Cargill], Jade’s work ethic. They’re there, they were at training. It wasn’t mandatory but they were there, you know what I mean?”

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