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NewsBig Swole Wants To See Women In Backstage Roles In Wrestling

Big Swole Wants To See Women In Backstage Roles In Wrestling



During a recent interview with The Ten Count’s Steve Fall, former AEW wrestler Big Swole criticized the idea of “a lot of middle aged and older men” being the majority of producers and agents in wrestling. Speaking from her experience in various promotions, she said,

“I have been backstage in a lot of different places and that’s the majority of what you see. You see a lot of middle aged and older men handling the producing, handling, and the writing, handling pretty much every aspect, and honestly, that was one of my biggest critiques formerly with AEW because we didn’t have women.”

She further elaborated on the need for women to be working in such roles.

“I need a woman who’s going to understand and know, first my body and how I am mentally, and who gets me on that level and can relate to me and has been through this business before, so they completely understand what I am going through. I 100% back Ronda on that is that they absolutely need women there who know the business, who have a passion and desire for it, who do not want to be on TV, I repeat who do not want to be on TV, and actually just wants to progress the women’s division because they want them to thrive and survive. That’s what is needed. Somebody who’s going to fight and who’s not going to just be here to placate and just kiss people’s butts. We need somebody who’s going to go to war for the women because not just deserving rights, but they earned these rights as a professional, as wrestlers, as sports entertainers, as superstars.”

Big Swole is seemingly referring to the following post on Instagram by Ronda Rousey:

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