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NewsAEWBig Swole Praises Cody Rhodes: "He’s Amazing To Work With"

Big Swole Praises Cody Rhodes: “He’s Amazing To Work With”



Big Swole recently appeared on the Ten Count with Steve Fall podcast to share her experiences working alongside Cody Rhodes in All Elite Wrestling.

Swole described Rhodes as a “mentor” and praised his approachability and openness to fresh ideas.

You can check out some highlights and watch the complete interview below:

On Rhodes’ willingness to work together: “When they put me kind of like in charge of the women’s division, as far as like keeping the peace, he was my go-to. I would go to Cody for everything. For every idea that I had, for any type of division. Any type of anything, I would go to him. He was so open with the idea.”

On Rhodes’ support of her new match concepts: “I came to him first with the Three Strikes match, and he took it straight to TK [Tony Khan] for me. And he was like, ‘No, we’re gonna get this done.’ He’s amazing to work with.”

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