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Booker T Talks Booking Trick Williams For Reality Of Wrestling’s Summer Of Champions IX



Speaking on a recent episode of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, Booker T shared insights into his decision to book WWE NXT Superstar Trick Williams for Reality of Wrestling’s upcoming Summer of Champions IX event, set to take place at the Humble Civic Center & Arena Complex in Humble, Texas.

Booker expressed his belief in Williams’ potential as a future superstar and his desire to mentor and guide him. He said,

“I’m not just trying to get a pick of the litter. I’m looking for someone to help. I see something in Trick Williams. I see a star, I really do. I see a whole lot of me in Trick Williams, and I just want to see if I can put a little bit of my blueprint on Trick Williams to help him get to that next level, and I think the best way to do that is bring him in. Get him up close and personal, and let them see that it’s about this young man and how far he’s gonna go in his business.”

Booker further added that Trick Williams’ appearance will provide a significant boost to Reality of Wrestling and showcase his captivating qualities that draw people towards him. He said,

“At the same time, Trick Williams is an up and coming star. He’s gonna give Reality of Wrestling a huge rub. It’s gonna give Reality of Wrestling a huge boost. It’s something about that guy that people seem to gravitate to. They seem to like him, and that’s why I want to bring Trick Williams. And there again, to bring him in and work with him at the same time, because I want this dude to take over this business.”

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