Brody King Talks Jaw Injury and More


Ring Of Honor posted 10 Questions With Brody King where King discussed a recent jaw injury, the best advice he’s been given, and his band:

Brody King on the best advice he’s been given in his career:

“Wrestlers gotta be tough. If you don’t want to get kicked in the teeth, go play chess.” Told to me by my trainer, Joey Kaos.

Brody King on having his jaw wired shut:

It sucked! (laughs) I don’t think you realize how important opening your mouth is when it comes to breathing until you’re in the middle of the match feeling like you’re going to pass out. The thought of calling it off definitely crossed my mind, but, hey, wrestlers gotta be tough, right?

Brody King on his band:

We just demoed five new songs for an LP that we should be completing in the spring. Hopefully have it released in the summer under our record label, Closed Casket Activities.

To read the full Q&A, click HERE.

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