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NewsBruce Prichard Speaks On Working For Vince McMahon, TNA, More

Bruce Prichard Speaks On Working For Vince McMahon, TNA, More



Bruce Prichard recently spoke with about various topics and more. Here are the highlights. 

What was it like working for Vince McMahon?

If you had to use a one-word description, it would be intense. It’s 24/7. He’s a genius, and it’s unique to be able to pick that genius brain in a formal and informal atmosphere for all those years.

Do you think TNA knows what it is trying to do?

No, they don’t. For the three years I was there, I asked TNA’s management one question: What business are we in? Are we in the television business? Are we in the wrestling business? Are we in the live promotion business? Tell me who your audience is and tell me who you are selling to. And they never could. You can be in all of those businesses, but you can’t be in one business one day and another business the next. It doesn’t work.

Share the story in which one of the biggest names in pro wrestling history suggested a calm and cool approach to achieving success in the podcast world.

Each week after the podcast started, I’d be anxious about the number of downloads, but on the advice of Steve Austin I stopped checking every Saturday to see what we did. Steve said, “I used to do that, but stop worrying about the numbers. If they are there, they are there; if they are not, they are not, but they will come. In the end, after six months, a year, they are going to be there because it’s evergreen, they are going to go back and download them. And that’s what counts. He was right. When the podcast started the people at MLW Radio said if you get to 20,000 downloads on a show it will be really good. Our first show we did over 60,000 downloads. The TNA episode we did is approaching 700,000 downloads and we are averaging 270,000 downloads per episode. I never dreamed in a million years people would download these episodes the way that they are.”

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