Buddy Murphy: “WWE Super Show-Down Was Like WrestleMania For Me!”


During a recent interview with Yahoo! Australia, current WWE cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy commented on winning the title in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Below are some highlights from the interview:

Murphy on winning the title in Melbourne, Australia: “It’s pretty indescribable. It was WrestleMania for me. I captured what I said I was going to capture, the cruiserweight championship, and I did it in front of my friends and my family. And everyone that didn’t believe in me, everyone that laughed at me for wanting to pursue this career of professional wrestling and as a sports entertainer.”

Murphy on how it was such a special moment: “This was a special moment for me, and I wanted to share this with the people I love. That proved that all the blood, all the sweat, all the tears were worth it. Going through NXT and being lost in the dark, so to speak, not really having a direction or seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Tonight was the light at the end of the tunnel.”

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