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NewsCesar Duran Discusses His Goals In MLW, & More

Cesar Duran Discusses His Goals In MLW, & More



Wrestling promoter Cesar Duran recently spoke with to discuss his time so far in MLW, Sam Adonis’ arrival in Major League Wrestling, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his time in MLW so far: “I mean, it’s just amazing because I know them. I know them, we spend so much time together that I not only know them personally, but I know their style when they fight. And it’s so different from what MLW had before I joined. That is so complimentary and this concept of hybrid wrestling, which is what MLW mainly does, is going to be at another level now with all these ideas that I have in mind. Slowly, but they’ll happen. It’ll happen.”

On Sam Adonis’ arrival in MLW: “Well, he did very well with AAA. He still does in Mexico, and he’s willing to do very crazy things. So when he came and we had this chat about what the future will be… He also speaks Spanish, which was an asset for what I want to do. And then the plans that he had, he was like, ‘Wow, I think we could do something together on this,’ So I was very excited when he signed. Now I need Microman. That’s to me the one that I want in my promotion. It’s taking a while to convince him, but let’s see what happens.”

On his goals in MLW: “Well, very simple. To have a roster of amazing fighters that I take over, that MLW Underground is no more MLW Underground, but this is Duran’s MLW Underground. There is a takeover, no doubt about it.”

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