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Kevin Kelly Compares His NJPW Commentary Style To AEW, Women Of Wrestling Preview



On a recent edition of The Undisputed Podcast, NJPW broadcaster Kevin Kelly discussed how his style of commentary differs from AEW. He said,

“I’ll never blur the line or pull back the curtain. The fact that I get respect today as, you know, voted wrestling announcer of the year [Best Television Announcer] or whatever by the Wrestling Observer fans. That’s nice. That’s wonderful. But I am the antithesis of AEW commentary, which is sort of like, you know, all over the place and kind of inside and a little snarky. That’s not really me. I am more, kind of, in the roots of the industry.”

In other news, WOW – Women of Wrestling has released a synopsis and preview video for its next episode. You can check that out below:

* Vickie Lynn McCoy vs. Princess Aussie
* Angelica Dante vs. Shainsaw
* The Tonga Twins and Tiki Chamorro vs. Exile and Ice Gold
* Big Rig Betty and Holly Swag vs. The Disciplinarian and GI Jane

EPISODE 29: “Rulebooks & Rematches”Let’s hope tonight’s main event sticks to the rulebook as The Fabulous Four’s Enforcer Vickie Lynn McCoy takes on the frog splashing Princess Aussie! We also see the in-person return of Angelica Dante, who we last saw in the attic of the House of Horrors. What was she doing there? And what does her return mean for Chainsaw? Also in action: The Tonga Twins and Tiki Chamorro wrestle the team of Exile and Ice Cold in a three on three tag match! Plus: the tag team rematch between Big Rig Betty and her baby girl Holly Swag, and Samantha Smart’s team of The Disciplinarian and GI Jane.

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