Chris Dickinson & Jon Moxley Hype Their Match Tonight At Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport


During a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, Chris Dickinson and Jon Moxley commented on their match at tonight’s “Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport” event. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Dickinson on the unique presentation of Bloodsport: “It’s pro wrestling in its purest form. Because of Josh Barnett and GameChanger Wrestling, you’ll see a style you just won’t ever see on television, anywhere. No fluffy stuff. No angles. It’s pro wrestling, the way it was designed to be presented.”

Moxley on making his debut at Bloodsport: “It’s been a long time in the making, so I’m stoked. As long as some 2020 s**t doesn’t happen, like Indianapolis getting taken out by a hurricane in the next few hours, then I think the third time is going to be a charm for me.”

Moxley on the pressure of delivering at the show: “Dickinson will be chomping at the bit for me, but this is what I love to do. It’s all about fighting and physicality. That’s exactly what I want to do, and on that canvas with Dickinson is exactly where I want to be. I’m excited to finally get on the Bloodsport mat. I’ve been working my ass off with my catch wrestling, and I’m planning on having this match really shake things up and blow people away.”

Dickinson on facing Moxley: “He’s a millionaire, I’m a pro wrestler. This is my opportunity to show the world real pro wrestling. Sunday night, you’ll get a chance to take a real good look at that. I respect Jon Moxley, don’t get me wrong. I’ve known him before he was in WWE. He’s a good guy. But once the bell rings, I don’t care what title he has. He bleeds and feels pain like any other human. I am going to whoop his ass.”

Dickinson on the opportunity against Moxley: “This is the AEW Champion, an IWGP US Champion, in the main event of Bloodsport. It’s the biggest match of the year for independent wrestling. I’m going to show how much I improved during the pandemic. I binged so much wrestling. Normally I’d have been wrestling three or four times a week, but instead I used that time to think and process my work. I’m in the best condition of my career for this match, and I am going to take every hit he can throw at me. I am more ready than I’ve ever been.”

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