Chris Jericho Angered by the Post Show Shenanigans of The Elite


Following his successful outing against Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho did not receive the thank you that he thought you would. Instead, new AEW signee, Jon Moxley made his presence felt by dropping Chris Jericho with Dirty Deeds.

Following the show, the members of the elite all came out to thank the audience and Kenny Omega did his famous sign-off phrase. Chris Jericho posted a video of himself on Instagram absolutely seething at the occurring events:

In a more genuine moment during the post-show media scrum, Jericho openly discussed feeling valued by the new promotion as opposed to his previous run in WWE where he cited competing in the second match on WrestleMania 33 as the moment that he knew he had to get out of WWE because he had more to offer the business with 29 years of experience (H/T Chris Van Vliet & WrestleZonešŸ™‚

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