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Chris Jericho Regrets Being Unable To Work With The Undertaker In WWE



AEW wrestler Chris Jericho held an impromptu Q&A session at this year’s “Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea: Four Leaf Clover Cruise,” which was recently uploaded to the “Talk Is Jericho” podcast feed. When seemingly asked about a dream match/feud he missed out on during his time in WWE, Chris Jericho expressed his regret at being unable to work a long-term program with The Undertaker. He said,

“The one kind of (dream match) that I did wrestle… basically once was Undertaker. We had a great match on SmackDown and I remember when I came back — I was super hungover too. We were in England and it was my birthday the night before and I was f*cking so hungover. But it’s like, Undertaker, smack, smack, smack and we had this match and when I came back through the curtain, I remember he was just sitting in a chair with his straps down and he was just like, ‘Yup, that’s money,’ and I was like, ‘Where have you been all my life?’ It’s like when I worked with (Bryan) Danielson this year, it’s like we’ve been in the same company for ten years in WWE, we never had a match.”

“Undertaker and I never had a f*cking pay-per-view match. Just this one match because he was always on SmackDown when I was on Raw, vice versa. Every time we’d cross paths was always great. I actually even won the title from him once in Elimination Chamber but, we never had a singles pay-per-view match and feud and to me, that’s one of the biggest misses in WWE history because I know we would have had a great story and a great angle.”

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