Dixie Carter Q&A – Muta/TNA, Monty Brown, UK iMPACT!


Here is Dixie Carter’s second week of responses from her #AskDixie online Twitter Q&A:

On whether the Great Muta will ever be in TNA: “It was wonderful to have Muta visit last week at our TNA offices in Nashville. There are a lot of exciting business opportunities in Japan, and some incredible talent as well that I’d love to showcase on Impact. We have a great home on Nippon Television G+ Sports every Saturday night and hope to bring IMPACT to Japan in the future.”

On a UK PPV: “Would love this, but I always say I want more people to be able to see the great UK audiences worldwide on Impact vs how many would see it on a PPV platform. But we will definitely have a PPV there one day.”

On whether Monty Brown may return: “Monty Brown is still one of my favorite TNA stars from our early days. He was able to transition from the NFL to the ring and showed good charisma. Monty is now retired and currently lives in Michigan.”

On TNA coming to the Philippines: “We are always entertaining offers to tour overseas but have a tremendous television taping and domestic live event schedule to contend with that can make it challenging. Like yourself, many of our fans outside of America subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up on things, and we really have upped our level of exclusive content over the last month at http://www.youtube.com/impactwrestling”

On whether there’s a way to watch Impact live on the West Coast: “Most TV networks run a “West Coast Feed” to compensate for the time zone changes with their prime time programming. Although there is no way to change that, we watch the #IMPACTLive twitter responses from both feeds.”

On VIP signings at Bound for Glory: “We will be announcing a complete VIP Weekend schedule closer to the Bound for Glory event.”

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