Doc Gallows Looks Back On Triple H Forgetting His Line During A Promo With CM Punk


During the latest edition of Talk’n Shop, Impact Wrestling stars The Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows) discuss dealing with scripted promo segments in WWE.

Additionally, Gallows recalls a promo segment when he was part of the Straight Edge Society, when Triple H forgot his line during a promo with CM Punk. Below are the highlights (via Fightful).

Gallows on WWE extras not being able to follow scripted TV interview pages:

“You can’t say enough good things about New Day, and you can’t say enough good things about Big E and the man that he is, giving back to Brodie Lee’s family. Back to the “Old Day” segment. Who thinks, and this is when you have too many writers in the room and things get lost, you can’t give extras on television pages of script and think they’re going to remember it.”

Anderson on how the segment was dependent on the lines for the extras:

“When we were trying to go over this thing, we didn’t think it was very funny anyway. We’re going over it and I’m like, ‘F***, I don’t know. These guys have a lot of lines’ and the segment depended on the extras and their lines.”

Doc Gallows on being a WWE extra for the Kurt Angle challenge at 20 years old:

“I’ll compare it to this. When I was 20 years old, I was an extra in the ring during the Kurt Angle challenge. I wasn’t even the guy who got the match. I was the cop who held the gold medal. I’ve been watching this shit my whole life, but I’m so nervous and I’m shaking, worried about f****** up. Think about these guys, thinking like that, and they have five pages of lines to remember. There’s no f****** chance. You have to have some training and experience to be given that responsibility.”

Gallows on a promo segment with Triple H and CM Punk where Triple H forgot his line:

“We’re in the ring one time. I’m 25, so I still have the nerves. I’m with CM Punk and Serena Deeb and Triple H. I remember being there and you think that these guys don’t f*** anything up, ever. We’re standing in the ring, Punk and Hunter are promo-ing back and forth, they do something, Punk gets a pop, Hunter gets a pop, and then Hunter drops the mic to his pecs and goes, ‘What’s my line?’ and Punk feeds it to him. Even those guys, it’s hard to remember all those f****** lines.”

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