Drew McIntyre Comments On Preparing For Ambulance Match, WWE 24 Special


During a recent interview with Pwinsider, Drew McIntyre commented on his upcoming WWE 24 special, his Ambulance Match at Clash of Champions, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On what to expect from his WWE 24 special: “You can expect everything. Chronicle basically told the story, leading to the situation we’re in now, leading to the pandemic and you know, after all these years, like I’m going to have my moment in the stadium, you got to see me go through every emotion of anger, frustration, to acceptance, to realizing that it was so much bigger than my selfish moment, that we had a chance to take people’s minds off such a difficult time and that’s something that I’m most proud of, and that Wrestlemania moment means the absolute world to me, and you got to kind of experience that journey with me and I’ve said this before, I’ve said this to yourself in the past, my ups and downs prepared me for any situation and I feel the same regarding the current situation, so that kinda followed that story up to Wrestlemania. With the 24, you’re going to see things that I promised myself you would never, ever see. Stories and videos that I promised myself the world would never get to see because these days what you see on TV is basically Drew Galloway with the volume turned up ever so slightly. I’m a bit silly, I’m a bit goofy, I’m a bit sarcastic, I’m not funny at times, I’m not afraid to fall flat on my face but I love wrestling and when the bell rings I kick ass. So you’re going to get to see the whole journey, not just the beginning of WWE and the time I was away and everything I was able to achieve and the ride to winning the WWE Championship, you’re going to see Drew Galloway, Drew McIntyre’s backyard wrestling footage he swore the world would never ever ever ever ever see. It’s in there, and it’s going to be my closest friends and family, and I don’t even know half the people they spoke to but I made it very clear – just don’t hold back, I’m an open book, I don’t want to lie to my fans, you know I’ve been in the public eye for so long, they’ve seen my ups, they’ve seen my downs, we’ve been through it together, that’s why we have this connection, and it’s going to be all the good times and the bad times, that it’s going to get that detail.”

On competing in an Ambulance Match at Clash of Champions: “Yeah I mean first of all – once I know my official opponent I’ll be able to think of the appropriate story to tell, let’s say, but I’ve never been in an Ambulance Match. I’ve only ever been unfortunately in an ambulance a couple of times, not for reasons I wanted to be, for injuries, so I’m excited for the challenge. I’ve watched a few of them back, and there are a couple of good ones, but I think a lot of them are kind of just action for the sake of action. I think it’s an opportunity to tell a really compelling story while having all the action you expect from a gimmick match like the Ambulance Match, so I’m pretty excited for that challenge. You know I’ve been obviously checking out all the videos, I’m a wrestling nerd, I’ve been checking out Shane versus Kane, I think the last one I watched was Braun and Roman and surprising, I think I found at least 5 or 6, Mike Awesome was the master of an Ambulance Match in WCW, I didn’t realize that. I did my research and remembered.”

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