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Eddie Kingston Calls Out WWE/AEW Haters – ‘We Just Want Everyone To Eat’



In a recent appearance on the “ESPR” podcast, AEW Triple Crown Champion Eddie Kingston lashed out at tribalistic wrestling fans who continuously wish for the downfall of AEW or WWE.

Kingston himself admitted to speaking out against WWE but said that he was simply supporting AEW and wouldn’t go as far as the haters have.

He said, I understand it because when I was a fan, I was all about ECW and screw everybody else, but I never said I want a place to close. To me, when you sit there and say ‘I hope AEW closes’ or ‘I hope WWE closes’ or whatever, to me, you’re a nasty human being because people are losing their jobs. People with families are losing their jobs. This has nothing to do with tribalism, this is you being nasty and not understanding what life is about. To me, that’s wrong. I’m a Yankee fan, but I don’t hope the Red Sox players get hurt or injured. People are like, ‘You talk crap about WWE.’ Yeah, just like I talk crap about the Boston Red Sox. AEW is my team, the Yankees are my team, the Giants are my team. The Giants, this year, were not good, but I’ll sit there and say, screw the Cowboys, screw the Eagles, even though they are in the playoffs and doing their thing. Still, as a Giants fan, I’m going to say that.”

He continued, “Just like I’m a fan of AEW, I’m going to say everybody else sucks, even though it’s not true. Just like people in WWE will say AEW sucks and they are the best. You stick with your team and that’s it. I don’t want [any company] to close because I have a couple people who I consider friends over at WWE and I don’t want them to lose their jobs. They have a wife and kids. I want them to feed their families. Those guys don’t want me to lose a job. These fans don’t get that. We’re all pulling for each other. We want everybody to eat, but we want our people to eat first and eat more, that’s it, but everyone can eat.”

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