Eddie Kingston

Eddie Kingston Rants About Several AEW Wrestlers


Eddie Kingston did not hold back when asked about some of his fellow AEW wrestlers during a recent interview.

Appearing on the Highspots Sign It Live, Kingston weighed in on Christian Cage, Adam Cole, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the virtual signing below:

On Christian Cage: “How can I say this, how can I say ‘twat’ without saying ‘twat?’ Ok, so ‘twat.’ He’s a twat.”

On Adam Cole: “Twat. No, that’s in my head now. No, Adam Cole, man, he’s too pretty. I don’t know whether to take him out on a date or f*** him up. I don’t know.”

On Jungle Boy being “too pretty” and how his friends like Jon Moxley are “ugly:” Nah, he’s [Jungle Boy] too pretty. I don’t hang out with pretty people. If you notice, everyone in my crew is not pretty. Even though Mox thinks he’s a heartthrob, he’s not. [Ortiz] isn’t good-looking. The only good-looking people in the group of friends I have are the women, that’s it. All the guys are ugly, including you, Mox.”

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