Exclusive: Daniel Bryan & Others Considered For Roman Reigns’ WWE TLC Replacement


As you know by now, there were some major changes made on Friday for tomorrow night’s WWE TLC pay-per-view event. One of those changes was that Kurt Angle would be replacing Roman Reigns and teaming with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to face the heel team of Kane, Braun Strowman, The Miz, Cesaro & Sheamus in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match.

In an eWn exclusive update on this, we have learned that Daniel Bryan and “at least one Attitude Era Superstar” were being considered for the Tables, Ladders & Chairs match. As you’d expect, WWE officials are worried about the amount of bumps both Kurt Angle and/or Daniel Bryan would be able to take. Over the last day or so, several names were being tossed around and Daniel Bryan’s name was one of those. The idea is that Kurt Angle (and Daniel Bryan if it had been him) wouldn’t have to work much as Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins will more than likely carry most of the workload. The idea is for Angle to be the last member of “Team Shield” to be tagged in. He’ll more than likely do some in-ring work with a few “light” bumps and will then be there in place of Roman Reigns for the big Shield “3 on 1” slam spot if they end up going that route. As of yesterday, the finish of the match still hadn’t been decided upon.

Daniel Bryan didn’t seem all that pleased with the decision as he responded to Kurt Angle’s Instagram post (“Is it true??? Oh It’s damn true! Your Olympic Hero will be wrestling along side of The Shield at #TLC this Sunday. Be sure to watch. #yourolympicheroisback”) with the following: “Interesting…” and a thinking face emoji.

According to our sources, WWE chose Kurt Angle over Daniel Bryan as Kurt is already on the RAW brand and one SmackDown Superstar (AJ Styles) was already being brought over from that brand to face Finn Balor. Of course, Daniel Bryan is featured on the SmackDown brand.

Stay tuned to eWn as we hear more.

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