EXCLUSIVE: Davey Boy Smith Jr Comments on His Father and Uncle Owen Not Being in the WWE Hall of Fame


During my exclusive interview with Davey Boy Smith Jr., we discuss why there are so many key members of the Hart family legacy that have not yet been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

For many years, there have been many online petitions that have employed WWE to induct the British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith into the Hall of Fame, and Owen Hart has always been a point of contention for WWE fans who feel like he should have been honored in the WWE Hall of Fame many years ago.

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Davey Boy Jr. spoke openly about all of this and even said that perhaps too much of the blame has been put on Owen Hart’s Widow Martha:

“You know, honestly, I don’t know why that hasn’t happened yet. And I can speak on Owen Hart’s behalf too. I don’t know why he hasn’t. Everybody wants to blame Martha for the reason why he’s not inducted but I ran into Martha not long ago, and we didn’t speak about the Hall of Fame or anything, but I just I guess I can assure you that I don’t think Martha would even– she may try to contest him going to the Hall of Fame but WWE, they’re a very powerful company and they can do whatever they want if they’ve made a DVD about Owen Hart and actually made money off it, which Martha tried to contest. I’m sure she made something off it too. And they still made it. So if they’re going to induct him in the Hall of Fame, which they’re not going to make nearly as much money from,  I don’t think as far as his DVD.
It’s all really up to the pencil and eraser that’s up top there, whether that’s Triple H or Vince McMahon himself. But there’s definitely a lot of question marks like I don’t know why Jim Neidhart wasn’t inducted while he was still alive. Why Davey wasn’t inducted? Who knows. I mean, Vince may just wake up tomorrow and say he’s got to induct Davey in the Hall of Fame this upcoming year. He may want to do it in five years. There’s nothing really that makes sense as far as that goes. “

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