Expo Lucha & IndependentWrestling.TV Team For Viva La Lucha At Expo Lucha: Philadelphia


Masked Republic issued the following to eWrestlingNews:

Expo Lucha & IndependentWrestling.TV Team For Viva La Lucha At Expo Lucha: Philadelphia

Expo Lucha, Masked Republic’s nationally touring lucha libre convention and fan expo, makes its first east coast stop next August at the world-famous 2300 Arena.  
The Viva La Lucha independent showcase show has become a highlight of each of the previous Expo Lucha conventions.  Harkening back to the banner under which Masked Republic founder and CEO Ruben Zamora promoted events in the San Diego area in the mid-2000s and the eventual Pay-Per-View series of events the company would run highlighting matches from both Mexico and U.S. based independent groups, the Viva La Lucha showcase brings nearly a dozen promotions together each to present a showcase match of their own.
At Expo Lucha: San Diego this past August, promotions including Lucha Libre VOZ, AWS, Laredo Wrestling Alliance, QWP, Defy Wrestling and PCW Ultra presented matches with buzzworthy independent names like Saieve Al Sabah, Douglas James, Septimo Dragon, Vipress, Shotzi Blackheart, Aeroboy, Adrian Quest, The Amerikan Gunz (Ethan HD & Mile Santiago) and Warbeast (MLW Champion Jacob Fatu & Josef Samael).
Now, for Expo Lucha: Philadelphia, the convention will team with premiere streaming service IndepedentWrestling.tv to produce the expo’s Viva Lucha event.  
“IWTV has become the destination for the best live streaming indie wrestling,” IndependentWrestling.tv founder Gerard Durling said, “With nearly 2,500 events from over 150 promotions and 100s of live and taped events being added each month to our service available on PC, mobile, Roku and FireTV, it is our mission to work together with independent wrestling companies to discover the next breakout stars!”
“Heading to Philadelphia, home of IWTV, we saw a perfect opportunity to have the team at the incredible streaming service be the ones to curate the Viva La Lucha event at Expo Lucha when it arrives at the 2300 Arena,” Expo Lucha founder and Masked Republic CEO Ruben Zamora said.  “Expo Lucha: Philadelphia will be all about celebrating the arrival of luchadores in ECW and the lasting impact those stars like Rey Mysterio, Psychosis and Juventud Guerrera have had on the entire pro wrestling scene.  We can’t wait to see what wrestlers and matches IWTV brings together to show off just how much the current independent wrestling scene is flourishing and some of the ways in which lucha libre has become so integrated into pro wrestling at every level.”
Promotions interested in having one of their showcase matches featured on the Viva La Lucha card at Expo Lucha: Philadelphia should contact [email protected]  The Viva La Lucha card at Expo Lucha: Philadelphia will take place on Saturday afternoon, August 15th at the 2300 Arena during the Saturday convention.  The only way to see the event in person will be by purchasing either a VIP Package (on sale now) or August 15th Expo Pass (on sale December 5th) at ExpoLucha.com.  
Expo Lucha is the only lucha libre convention and fan expo held outside of Mexico and the largest in the world.  Expo Lucha: Philadelphia will feature more than 50 luchadores and pro wrestling stars, dozens of meet & greet sessions, three live events and more including a cosplay contest, custom figure contest, panels, and vendors.  For the latest information visit ExpoLucha.com, follow Expo Lucha on Twitter @expolucha, Instagram @expoluchalive, and on Facebook.com/luchaexpo.  

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