Gail Kim Was Unaware Of Frankie Kazarian’s Return To Impact Wrestling


Gail Kim was surprised to find out that Frankie Kazarian had returned to Impact Wrestling at the Hard to Kill pay-per-view event last month.

Speaking with Steve Fall of Ten Count, Kim revealed that although she knew Frankie was coming back, she didn’t have any clue about it until she saw him cutting his homecoming promo in the ring at Hard To Kill.


Kim is extremely delighted for Kazarian and believes he can still compete at a high level, highlighting that the 45-year-old veteran has been training intensely since leaving the promotion years ago.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On being unaware that Kazarian had re-signed: “It was kept pretty tightly under wraps. Not many people knew, and when I mean not many people, meaning even in management didn’t know. Yes, he was very hidden. I have a very close relationship with Frankie and Tracy, his wife, because I used to be roommates with them back in the day, so we’re like a big, happily family. So I did know Frankie was coming, but even Tracy tried to throw me off the day of. So I texted her during the day, I said, ‘When is Frankie getting here?’ She said, ‘What do you mean?’ So she totally threw me off. I totally believed that he wasn’t coming to Hard To Kill. Then I saw him doing his promo, and that’s when I discovered that he was there that day. This jd me, being in the office [laughs]. So I was like, ‘Oh, I’m so mad right now. I’m so mad that they hid it from me.’ [laughs]”

On Kazarian being back in the company: “I’m just so happy for Frankie. He’s told me, and I can see it, he is in incredible shape right now. He can go another ten years if he wanted. He showed that he’s still got it in the ring. He had incredible matches with Josh Alexander, Mike Bailey, all these guys previously that you just saw before he signed this long-term deal with us. So I’m excited. I’m excited to see him coming back home, and I’m excited to see the matches that he’s gonna put out there because that short little run he did with us last year was incredible. The match with Chris Sabin was incredible. I’m all about my generation of wrestling, especially people who are in incredible shape like Mickie and Frankie and all these people who can still go, to kind of guide the next generation while they’re still there to show them how to do this wrestling thing at the top of their game.”

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