Impact Results 4/13/17


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Reno Scum def Decay and Laredo Kid & Garza Jr in a triple threat tag team match when Reno Scum hit their finisher on Crazzy Steve. Abyss and Laredo Kid were on the outside. Crazzy Steve had Garza Jr hanging upside down in the corner, and Luster the Legend gave Crazzy Steve a running Razor’s Edge onto Garza in the corner before they hit their finisher for the win.

Adam Everett was being interviewed by the beautiful McKenzie. He’s interrupted by Helms and Trevor. Helms says there will be a fatal fourway match tonight for Everett to prove his worth. Everett challenges Helms to be the fourth participant in the match.

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Bruce Prichard is in the ring. He announces there was a poll to determine the #1 contender for Lashley’s title next week. The vote was between EC3, James Storm, and Matt Morgan???

The fans voted for James Storm. EC3 comes to the ring and he and Prichard argue about why EC3 isn’t getting the shot. Prichard tells him to look in the mirror and find out why EC3 tapped out to El Patron.

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Braxton Sutter and Allie def KM and Sienna. Sienna caught Allie coming off the ropes and she tripped over KM who was down on the mat. After the match, Kongo Kong came to the ring and destroyed Braxton Sutter. Sienna seems to control him. Laurel Van Ness came down, still out of her mind, and took of her shoe and beat Allie down until Sienna grabbed her and took her out of the ring.

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Rosemary def Santana Garrett. Garrett hit a couple of nice, athletic moves but Rosemary dominated a lot of the match. Garrett crashed and burned on what would have been a nice finisher and Rosemary hit Red Wedding for the win.

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Andrew Everett def Marshe Rocket, Suicide, and Gregory Helms. Helms kept hitting and running. Rocket, Suicide, and Everett put on a great match with high flying moves throughout. Everett hit the Shooting Star on Marshe Rocket for the win.

After the match, Helms and Trevor attacked Everett. He fought back and hit a vicious Frankendriver onto Trevor Lee.

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Davey Richards def DJZ after countering the DZT into a side kick and an Ankle Lock. After the match, Eddie Edwards came down, fighting past security. They were kept at bay but Edwards wife came down and brawled with Angelina Love. Security finally broke it up.

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Team JB def Team Josh. Matt Morgan got the hot tag late and there was a sequence where everyone hit their finishers. It came down to Morgan and Bram. Morgan went for a choke slam but Bram fought out of it. He charged and Morgan hit the Carbon Foot Print. Magnus came off the top rope with the elbow for the three count.

After the match, JB was dancing around at ringside. The faces on the roster came out and everyone started taunting and waving bye to Josh as he sat there looking miserable to end the show.

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