IMPACT Wrestling

Impact Wrestling Finish Changed On The Fly During This Week’s Episode


The finish of this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling didn’t happen as originally planned due to a timing issue during the main event.

This week’s episode of Impact Wrestling featured the Motor City Machine Guns defeating the Bullet Club with Chris Bey taking the pin.

Pwinsider reports that this wasn’t the planned finish and that White was supposed to break the pin attempt.

White was too late to break up the pinfall, so the official counted to three anyway and the match ended before it was supposed to.

It is believed that the Guns were always scheduled to win the match which had meant to last longer with a different finish.

It’s reported that there was no heat on anyone, as it was seen as “just one of those things” that happens if the timing is off.

A rematch will take place this weekend at the Philadelphia TV tapings at the 2300 arena.

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