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Backstage Details On STARDOM Founder’s Contract Being Terminated By Bushiroad



As we previously reported here on eWn, Bushiroad has terminated the contract of STARDOM founder Rossy Ogawa, claiming that he “poached many STARDOM wrestlers and staff.”

The Wrestling Observer has shared additional details on the matter, noting that the latest development occurred after several months of issues between the two parties.

The issues began about nine months ago when Bushiroad executives began overruling Ogawa regarding booking and business decisions, which upset both Ogawa and STARDOM talent.

Being overruled regularly by Bushiroad Fight President Katsuhiko Harada caused Ogawa to decide to leave the company.

While Taro Okada replaced Harada in November, the issues continued and Ogawa was already planning to leave.

Ogawa had been under the belief that he would have autonomy in terms of booking and business decisions when he sold STARDOM to Bushiroad in 2019, a deal that included a five-year non-compete clause.

Ogawa had given his notice of resignation some time ago and it was known that he would be leaving on February 18.

Bushiroad reportedly decided to get ahead of the story and announced Ogawa’s departure on Monday. Talent was informed in a meeting after Sunday’s Osaka show.

The report states that several talents are still loyal to Ogawa, who founded STARDOM and gave most of the roster breaks in their careers.

Several talents are expected to leave in March, which is when many contracts expire.

The only talent under a longer-term contract is IWGP Champion Mayu Iwatani due to her biopic which will be released soon.

Bushiroad was aware of talent leaving and some wrestlers have been given legal threats in the past several weeks.

For what it’s worth, Ogawa is not going to WWE.

Taro Okada and Bushiroad Fight merchandise manager Oyama will take over as STARDOM’s bookers effective immediately.

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