Is Zack Ryder Planning to Team With Curt Hawkins Following Their WWE Departures?


During a recent Q&A on Instagram Live, Zack Ryder was asked about teaming up with Curt Hawkins on the independent scene following their WWE departures, and more. You can check out some highlights from the Q&A below:

On his WWE release: “When I got released it felt like, if you’ve ever seen The Monster Squad, at the end, Rudy shoots the Wolfman with the silver bullet and right before the Wolfman dies, he turns back into his human form and he says, ‘thank you.’ That’s what I felt like when I got released.”


On teaming up with Curt Hawkins following their releases: “So, Brian and I talked about this. We are not teaming. We are not teaming anywhere unless … one of the things we want to do is we do the Major Wrestling Figure live podcasts, but we’d like to put on live wrestling shows. I would love to team with him in that environment or I’d love to wrestle like the Rock N’ Roll Express or the Headbangers. But other than that, we’re going our own separate ways.”

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