Jim Cornette Threatens to Sue GCW Star G-Raver Over New T-Shirt


Jim Cornette is a legendary professional wrestling manager. His time with the Midnight Express in the 1980s is nothing short of magic.

However, in recent years, the professional wrestling industry has changed quite a lot from the industry that Jim was involved in and the former Ohio Valley Wrestling booker has never been shy about voicing his opinion on the current state of pro wrestling.


Recently, Jim Cornette commented on deathmatch wrestler, G-Raver, and a gnarly spot the wrestler was involved in at a recent GCW show. This led to a social media back and forth between the two, which then saw the wrestler release a shirt with Jim Cornette’s likeness on it. This did not sit well with Jim, who has threatened legal action via Stephen P. New, a lawyer regularly promoted on gems podcast. You can see all of the social media interactions between the two parties here:

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