Joey Janela on Cutting Back His AEW Schedule


Professional wrestling star Joey Janela was recently interviewed by Wrestling Inc. to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Cutting back on AEW schedule to work indies more:

At first they [AEW] were telling me I couldn’t do any dates. By that time I had announced the farewell show and stuff. Suddenly I see people start popping up at Northeast Wrestling and I found out we could do indies, but we just had to get them approved. But I’ve already announced my retirement show and I didn’t wanna Terry Funk everyone, which I already have.

How AEW reacted to him wanting to do more indie shows:

They were letting everyone else do indies so there was nothing they could do. The match I had last Saturday with GCW was a 35-minute match. I’m coming back for the work, not to collect a payday. I’m coming back to be the best wrestler I can be to make my future the best it could be.

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